Privacy and data collection

In Australia, new privacy legislation which came into effect in March 2014 imposes new restrictions on how companies can collect information and how that information can be transferred to third parties.

When information is collected online, laws of multiple jurisdictions can apply. Where internet "cloud" services are used, the location and use of managed data is not always well understood.

Failure to comply with requirements to maintain records and to keep collected information safe from unauthorised access - such as hacking, theft, or inadvertent or negligent disclosure - can attract severe penalties.

We advise clients on privacy and data security issues, including the collection and management of data. We can assist with:

  • developing privacy and data management policies
  • developing policies to address data security
  • responding to actual or suspected unauthorised data access
  • developing regulatory compliant social media and email procedures
  • cybercrime laws
  • mobile advertising regulations
  • online marketing and fundraising
  • developing policies to anticipate compliance with privacy and usage audits
  • developing practical document retention policies
  • maintaining privacy of employment and medical records
  • employment and workplace privacy issues, including advising on permissible monitoring of employee conduct, communications and social media use, and background checks