As technology advances, so too does the statutory and regulatory framework of educational institutions. Recognising that each school is unique, we are committed to advising and defending schools whenever legal issues arise. 

At Colin Biggers & Paisley, we have a wealth of experience identifying and managing the legal aspects of education. We work closely with education providers, whether it be government or non-government, school or tertiary, to prepare and protect them against the increasing risks and challenges of operating in our dynamic society. Several of our education lawyers are involved as board members of educational institutions and have practical insight into their governance and administration.

We have extensive experience acting for educational institutions, in both an advisory and dispute resolution context, as well as a strong track record in defending educational institutions in litigated and non-litigated claims.
We act and advise on a range of claims against educational institutions and duty of care required by educational institutions, including corporate governance for private schools and colleges, employment related matters, insurance and policy issues, property transactions, risk management, and all aspects of construction and engineering. We also have expertise in advising universities in general commercial matters, including research contracts, research collaboration and commercialisation agreements, software licenses, material transfer agreements and student exchange agreements.