Statutory demands - how to make them and how to resist them 


Voluntary planning agreements from a developer's perspective

Legislative amendments mean you must notify pollution incidents immediately

Landlord's failure to repair premises may result in compensation payment to tenant

Wording your contract to get the deal over the line


Disclaimer in expert report does not void adjudication determination

How does the carbon tax affect your contracts?

Entire agreement clause in construction contracts - implied terms and misrepresentations

Commercial dispute resolution

Uniform OH&S legislation extends duty of care and increases penalties

All asbestos exposures may be deemed a cause of mesothelioma

UK Bribery Act affects Australian companies with UK presence


Good risk management can prevent many insurance claims

Claims and circumstances in professional indemnity and directors' and officers' insurance policies


US bill to restrict social networking between teachers and students contested


Union members and adverse action under the Fair Work Act


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