Commercial dispute resolution

Joint ventures - nine things you can do to get them right

Social media - a brisk stroll through the minefield

Six things you can do to avoid litigation 


Substituted service via Facebook: "like" or "unlike" by Australian Courts

Work health and safety: the PCBU's duty to do what is reasonably practicable

Proposed restrictions on use of the term "Financial Planner" or "Financial Adviser"


Property and development

Significant Investor Visa aims to attract foreign investors and boost Australian economy

Foreign investment laws and Australian real estate


Knowledge management

Knowledge management in Australian law firms and the accelerating rate of change


Trusts and estates

Valid suspicions or obvious delusions? An important distinction for the purposes of assessing testamentary capacity


Workplace relations

Insurance brokers prevented from working for competitor: Supreme Court enforces non-competition restraint


Planning and environment

EPA unsuccessful in prosecution for transport of building materials as "waste"



Payment of money into court is not a voluntary payment in breach of section 26C of the Security of Payment Act



Severe financial debt forcing school shut downs in Victoria

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