Planning and environment

Development consents and extraneous documents: the devil is in the detail
Compulsory land acquisition and costs orders: an evolving landscape
Clarifying the role of consent authorities in bushfire prone land
Riparian corridors to be determined by Strahler stream ordering methodology
Court confirms no power to extend appeal period

Commercial dispute resolution

Suppression and private resolution of family trust disputes - the Rinehart family feud
Statutory declarations require accuracy, honesty and formality
How the courts can help you recover your debts
New work health and safety laws: key changes and impacts on small business 


Damages for breach of contract
Reform of contract law in Australia is long overdue


Construing the words "arising out of" in an insurance policy exclusion clause
Good business means fulfilling your duties and obligations 


Purchaser not able to settle but avoids direct liability for breach of contract
Landlords and tenants must "uphold the fidelity of the bargain"

Workplace relations

How to create an effective employment contract

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