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Unsuccessful attempt to restore an easement which had been removed from the Register

Exemption from GST for the supply of a going concern under GSTR 2002/5

Buying a waterfront property? Don't forget to check whether there is a lease for the foreshore maritime structures

Occupation by purchaser pursuant to a call option agreement to buy part of the freehold was held not to be a retail lease



Arrest of tugboats for unpaid costs of providing master and crew

Inherent vice, insufficiency of packaging and the extent of the indemnity recoverable by a cargo owner

Federal Court dismisses challenge to variation of temporary shipping licence



Client engagements: are you clear about what you agreed to do?

Appeal allowed: High Court clarifies the operation of proportionate liability in Hunt & Hunt Lawyers v Mitchell Morgan Nominees



Payment claims under contract and under the Security of Payment Act: dual system or parallel universe?



Andrews v ANZ revives equitable jurisdiction concerning relief against penalties


Alternative dispute resolution

How to resolve your disputes without going to court

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