New national Building Code inconsistent with state based building codes

Businesses tendering for Commonwealth funded construction work need to comply with the new national workplace relations Building Code 2013

Does a builder owe a duty of care to an owners corporation?


Insolvency and restructuring

Company directors now personally liable for company tax liabilities

Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2013 aims to harmonise regulatory framework for insolvency practitioners


Social media and employers

When Tweets aren't so sweet: Twitter presents dangers to employers when employees are aggrieved


Trusts and estates

Logging off for life: Testators should plan carefully for the post-mortem management of digital assets


Commercial law

How to be a model employer while protecting your interests



Qualified privilege can be a defence against defamation actions



Ambiguous clause struck out of option lease in Toga case


Workplace relations

Will legislative change achieve gender equality in the workplace?



Geared investments for self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)

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