Risk warnings, recreational activity and personal harm

Aerial spraying company found liable for damage to crops on neighbouring property

Amendments to the Insurance Contracts Act to affect insurers and insureds

Referrals and the extent of a doctor’s duty: Court of Appeal overturns Supreme Court decision


How GST affects the transactions real estate agents handle

Contaminated land and the conveyancing process in NSW and Victoria

Financial distress in property transactions and dealing with externally appointed entities


Export Market Development Grant can assist exporters of goods and services

Will the financial services reforms affect you?


Modcol v National Buildplan Group: Corporations Act trumps security of payment legislation

Q&A: What is liquidation and what does it mean for your business?

Trade and transport

Victorian taxi industry reforms to benefit consumers, taxi drivers and people with a disability

Report on Seacare compensation scheme highlights deficiencies of current system

Work health and safety

Law firm successfully defends against claim of bullying

Employers not necessarily liable for psychiatric harm to employees who are stressed or overworked

Trusts and estates

Trustees must take care when investing trust funds: a cautionary tale from the life of Crocodile Dundee

Good reasons why you should make a Will


Victorian domestic building reforms: increased insurance payouts, on site dispute resolution and new disciplinary regime

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