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Blow torch applied to land valuation system in NSW

Eight points to consider when entering into a commercial lease

New standard form of village contract for retirement villages

How does GST affect the running of a real estate agency business?


Claim for legal privilege over communications and draft reports not waived by service of expert's report

Conflicts of interest in class actions and proof of debt schemes - ASIC issues guidance


Supreme Court clarifies scope of accrued rights to judgment under Security of Payment Act

Relief against penalties after Andrews v ANZ - implications for construction industry

Intellectual property

Building plans, development consents and copyright - for architects, developers, purchasers, sellers, banks and builders

Protecting yourself against imports that infringe your trade marks or copyright

Transport and logistics

Transport contracts made readable and useful - kiss legalese goodbye

Non-payment of charter hire entitles ship owner to terminate charter and claim damages

Workplace relations

Terminating employees for redundancy: make sure the dismissal is not unfair


Civil liability for personal harm - dangerous recreational activity and obvious risk

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