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Businesses operating from a strata lot must comply with additional regulations

Lessor found liable for the conversion of a lessee's goods upon repossession

What does a Spice Girl have to do with property options?

Owners corporation has duty to maintain and repair common property, but not to improve or enhance it

Owners must now register private swimming pools and spas in Queensland and NSW

Court grants owner of land locked land easement of necessity over public land


Significant changes proposed for security of payment legislation in NSW

Supreme Court declares adjudication determination void in Anderson Street Banksmeadow Pty Ltd v Helcon Contracting Australia Pty Ltd

Imminent changes to the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW)


We must bully-proof our schools if we want to bully-proof the workplace and our society

School breached its duty of care to student by not responding adequately to bullying

Transport and logistics

Freight truck driver unable to claim "reasonable steps" defence after breach of chain of responsibility law

Work health and safety

Coal seam gas company and directional drilling company fined after workplace fatality

Commercial litigation

Five simple ways to help your lawyer assist you if you are ever sued


Now you see me - production of insurance policies in the spotlight

Financial services

ASIC's relief power and how financial service providers can adapt to changes in the law

Intellectual property

Identifying and protecting your intellectual property assets adds value to your business

Dispute resolution clauses in some standard form contracts may be unenforceable

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