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Queensland Subcontractors' Charges Act can enable subcontractors to bypass an insolvent builder if used correctly

Amendments to Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 commenced on 21 April 2014

Queensland set for wide-ranging reforms to adjudication procedures under security of payment legislation

Head contractor supporting statements will be required as part of amendments to Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999


Workplace relations

Pecuniary penalties imposed on small business employer for adverse action taken against unwell employee

WHS Bill to prevent unions from using loopholes to force their way into worksites passed by Queensland parliament



Test your doormat: the reasonable landlord and harm to others

High Court finds Section 12(2) of Civil Liability Act does not limit damages claims under Compensation to Relatives Act



Retail lease disputes in NSW to be dealt with by the new NCAT super tribunal

Requirement for swimming pool disclosure in NSW delayed with commencement expected from 29 April 2015


Directors and officers

Disqualified director successfully seeks leave to manage an Australian corporation


Transport and logistics

Helicopter accidents and the law of negligence


Commercial contracts

A "reasonable endeavours" clause may allow a party to decline to perform because it is against the party's commercial interest



Do you need a vet check for your horse?


Professional indemnity

Professionals should clearly outline the scope of the retainer and stay within its confines

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