In brief - Competitiveness and profitability of agricultural sector a key focus

The White Paper aims to outline a clear strategy to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the agricultural sector, boost contribution to trade and economic growth and build capacity to drive greater productivity through innovation.

White Paper will consider ways to boost investment and improve returns

The terms of reference for a proposed White Paper on agricultural competitiveness have been released by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce.

The White Paper will consider the following matters:

food security in Australia and the world

• means of improving market returns at the farm gate

drought management

• access to investment finance, farm debt levels and debt sustainability

• the competitiveness of the Australian agricultural sector and its relationship to food and fibre processing and related value chains, including achieving fair returns

• ways to boost investment and jobs, growth in the sector and associated regional areas and the efficiency and competitiveness of inputs to the agricultural value chain – such as skills, training, education and human capital, research and development and critical infrastructure

• the effectiveness of regulations affecting the agricultural sector, including the extent to which regulations promote or retard competition

• investment in private sector led growth

• opportunities for enhancing agricultural exports and new market access

• the effectiveness and economic benefits of existing incentives for investment in job creation in the agricultural sector

White Paper to be prepared by cross-agency task force

The White Paper is proposed to be released towards the end of 2014 in conjunction with the Action Plan to Boost Productivity and Reduce Regulation, the White Paper on Developing Australia and the New Energy White Paper.

The White Paper will be prepared by a cross-agency task force within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with extensive consultation with business, non-government experts and the community.

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