In brief - Changes affect new strata plans and paper certificates of title

The new year has brought notifications from Land Registry Services of two changes which affect titling issues in New South Wales.

Schedule of street addresses for new strata plans

The first and most important is that with all new strata plans that are lodged for registration with a surveyor's certificate dated from 1 March 2018, a schedule of street addresses must be included.

The addresses must be provided for each of the common property and every lot in the strata plan (it being acknowledged that the address for the common property may differ from the address for service of documents on the owners' corporation once it is established on registration of the strata plan).

If an address or addresses are not available, this needs to be indicated in the schedule.

Developers must ensure that the surveyors adhere to this new instruction for new strata plans lodged with surveyor's certificates dated from 1 March 2018 onwards.

Paper certificates of title undergo design change from February 2018

The second relates to certificates of title (where they are issued and where electronic titles do not come into existence on registration of plans or dealings).

Paper titles will look different. The colour of the paper has changed and the watermark image of the NSW state boundary and the NSW waratah will no longer appear.

All other features of the certificates of title will remain the same.

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