Best Lawyers in Australia lists 21 partners from Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers

9 April 2014
Twenty-one of Colin Biggers & Paisley's partners have been ranked in the 2014 edition of the Best Lawyers in Australia.

Fourteen lawyers were ranked in the insurance category with Mark Attard, Paul Bannon, Melissa Fenton, Amanda Ryding, Greg Skehan, Peter Moran, Stuart Hetherington, David Miller, Vanessa Kemp, Patrick Monahan, Andrew Probert, Keith Bethlehem, Adrian Howie and Kemsley Brennan being named among the best insurance lawyers in Australia.

Antony Riordan, Jonathan Stafford and Geoff Standen were listed as leading construction and infrastructure lawyers, Gary Newton as a leading property and real estate lawyer and Nigel Watson and Scott Hedge as leading insolvency lawyers.

Andrew Tulloch was listed in three categories, being aviation, trade and transportation law. Stuart Hetherington also featured in multiple categories, being listed in the shipping and maritime category and transportation category in addition to his insurance listing. Stuart was also named the Shipping and Maritime Lawyer of the Year in Australia. Paul Bannon was also listed as a leading product liability litigation lawyer in addition to his insurance ranking.

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Andrew Probert Partner

Andrew Tulloch Partner

David Miller Partner

Dunstan de Souza Senior Partner

Greg Skehan Senior Partner

Keith Bethlehem Partner

Nigel Watson Consultant

Patrick Monahan Consultant

Paul Bannon Partner

Peter Moran Partner

Scott Hedge Partner

Stuart Hetherington Partner

Vanessa Kemp Partner