Colin Biggers & Paisley and DocuSign develop electronic conveyancing contract

27 August 2015
The Colin Biggers & Paisley property development team includes one of the largest project conveyancing groups in Australia and has over the last three months been developing and testing a system for issuing and entering into electronic contracts for sale in place of customary paper contracts.

The contract is formed using DocuSign technology and enables the contract to be signed electronically by any party anywhere in the world on any device (such as a tablet or mobile phone). So it can be issued to and signed by one party in England, the US or China within seconds after the same document is signed by the other party in Australia.

The DocuSign technology ensures that the contract is secure and cannot be changed without detection.
"We're delighted to have worked so productively with DocuSign in developing this new technology," said CBP property partner Mark Morgan. "For us, this is a coup. We've always embraced new technology and made significant investment in it because we're determined to be the best. Part of that is using the best tools available to get the job done."

Sekisui House is conducting an auction of 31 land lots at THE HERMITAGE, Gledswood Hills on 20 September with the use of this technology. Other clients include PAYCE will be using it for high volume land release sales and off-the-plan apartment sales in the next two months.

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