Colin Biggers & Paisley partners with New South Wales Law Society to close gender gap

26 October 2016
Colin Biggers & Paisley is pleased to announce its participation in the Law Society of New South Wales Charter for the Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession.
Louise Campbell, Director of Human Resources, Colin Biggers & Paisley said, "We are committed to fostering Inclusion and Diversity throughout our legal practice. We have a genuine focus on sustainable gender diversity and are continuously working towards improving the number of women in senior roles." 
Colin Biggers & Paisley's strategies for recruiting, promoting and retaining women at senior levels are showing results. 
"We support flexible work arrangements to increase opportunities for women in partnership and senior management. Over 20 per cent of our staff now work flexibly, including a number of partners," said Campbell.
The legal practice has already undertaken and implemented several of the Charter's initiatives. All signatories agree to implement the following strategies within two years of signing the Charter:
  • demonstrating leadership by implementing diversity and inclusion principles in the legal profession and removing gender bias and discrimination in the legal workplace
  • driving change in the legal profession by developing a culture that supports the retention of women legal practitioners and recognises their value in senior roles
  • implementing recruitment and promotion strategies that include gender diversity as an important consideration, including ensuring equal pay for legal graduates within the same organisation regardless of gender
  • promoting and supporting mentoring and sponsorship of women in the legal profession
  • encouraging and supporting flexible work practices in the legal profession to assist men and women to better balance professional and other commitments.

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Nick Crennan Managing Partner