Tracey is the Legal Project Director in the Property & Development Victoria group at Colin Biggers & Paisley. 

Tracey’s primary practice is working with developers on medium to large scale off the plan projects, from due diligence on acquisition through to construction and development funding, e-Contracts and settlements.

Tracey has represented both Australian and international buyers and sellers in conveyances from apartments and houses to multi-tower developments and large commercial/retail spaces.

She is adept at managing all aspects of off the plan developments, including resolving planning permits, zoning and heritage issues, reviewing Section 173 Agreements, and negotiating multi-party vendor financing. Tracey manages the day-to-day aspects of developments encompassing preparation of off the plan e-Contracts, Plans of Consolidation and Subdivision, Owners Corporation Rules and establishment, and settlements.

Tracey joined Colin Biggers & Paisley in 2021 as part of the Logie-Smith Lanyon merger team.

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