Welcome to Colin Biggers & Paisley's Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinar series. Launched in October 2022, we cover the latest legal issues facing our clients, and help our legally trained clients to maintain their CLE requirements.

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October 2022 | Episode 1: Post-Election Policy: What does it mean for HR?

In episode 1, our employment and safety team discusses a range of HR-related topics that are top of mind for our clients, including outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit; possible changes to the Fair Work Commission; increases to minimum wages: closing the gender pay gap; criminalisation of wage theft; labour hire reform; enterprise bargaining; proposed changes to casual worker engagements; limits to fixed-term employment; the gig economy; and the Respect@Work recommendations.

November 2022 | Episode 2: Privacy and cyber breaches - managing risk and what to do in the event of a data breach

In episode 2, our digital governance, cyber and privacy team runs through cyber and data breaches and what you should do if your business is affected, what businesses dealing with customer data should consider, as well as strategies to manage risk, and privacy legislation and regulations businesses need to know.

December 2022 | Episode 3: Intergenerational wealth transfers - current issues in estate planning

In episode 3, our wills, estates and succession planning team run through common problems they see arise, such as issues around superannuation, validity of a binding death benefit nomination, family businesses and business continuity, testamentary trusts, relationship changes and breakups, and vulnerable beneficiaries.

February 2023 | Episode 4: Director Duties

In episode 4, partner Andrew Logie-Smith covers the basis of directors' duties, Corporations Act duties, current and emerging issues for directors, and tips to mitigate risk.

March 2023 | Episode 5: Investigations and Prosecutions


In episode 5, partners David Grant and Greg McCann discuss the current trends with key regulators, and what to do if a regulator executes a search warrant or gives notice to appear or produce documents.

May 2023 | Episode 6: ESG and Mergers and Acquisitions


In episode 6, partner Toby Norgate delves into the topic of environmental, social governance and the trends in mergers and acquisitions. 

May 2023 | Episode 7: Restraints of trade and misleading or deceptive conduct, and duty of care and AFCA complaints


In episode 7, partner, Mathew Deighton explores restraint of trade clauses and misleading and deceptive conduct. Special counsel Susannah Maclaren discusses financial advisors duties of care and AFCA complaints. 

July 2023 | Episode 8: An introduction to insolvency


In episode 8, partners Ece Mustafa-Ay and Stuart McKenzie provide an overview of insolvency, including the indicators, creditor's statutory demands, voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy and liquidation, and alternatives to liquidation that may assist businesses, including safe harbour, all while relating back to relevant legislation and sharing practical tips for businesses.

August 2023 | Episode 9: Employment law update


In episode 9, partner, Adam Foster and Solicitor Nicholas Bolton provide an update on employment law covering recent developments in family and domestic violence leave, sexual harassment, bargaining and enterprise agreements, psychosocial hazards, and industry trends.


September 2023 | Episode 10: A bouncer, a patron and a manager walk into a bar: liability issues in entertainment and hospitality venues


In episode 10, Partner Debbie Kaminskas and Special Counsel David Chong look at what can be learned from recent case law involving the entertainment and hospitality sector, and how this can be applied to aid the resolution of future claims.

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