Colin Biggers & Paisley begins new financial year as a corporation

1 July 2015

Colin Biggers & Paisley begins new financial year as a corporation

After well over a hundred years of trading as a partnership, east coast law firm Colin Biggers & Paisley has embraced an incorporated model and will now trade as Colin Biggers & Paisley Pty Ltd in the three states where it is based - New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

According to managing partner Dunstan de Souza, the change was a logical move: "We have grown rapidly in the last five years, expanding to Victoria in 2012 and to Queensland the following year. As a result, we found ourselves with a hybrid structure, with a partnership model in New South Wales and Victoria but an incorporated model in Queensland.

"Converting to an incorporated model in all three states made sense not just because we are achieving uniformity, but because it will create operational efficiencies. Our support teams will not be burdened with the complexity of dealing with different entities and will be able to streamline processes in a number of key areas. These changes will inevitably benefit our clients.

"By incorporating, we are also setting our sights on the future. We are following an ambitious blueprint for continued growth and the new structure will make it easier for us to attract new people in the areas where we are expanding. I see this as a historic moment for the firm."

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