Electronic conveyancing - CBP Exchange

We were the first legal practice in Australia to develop an online property contract exchange platform, revolutionising the way real estate is bought and sold.
CBP Exchange uses DocuSign’s digital transaction management technology. This enables the contract to be signed electronically, while ensuring that the contract is secure and cannot be changed without detection. As long as the buyer has access to an internet-connected device, the contract can be signed anywhere in the world.
CBP Exchange eliminates the need to print, sign and return any contracts manually. This results in better quality control, tighter security, faster turnaround time and less cost.

We are licensing the CBP Exchange system to property developers. By taking full control of the automated contract process, developers and their agents will be able to create contracts and disclosure statements for buyers located anywhere in the world at any time. The process from sales advice to binding contract takes just minutes and doesn’t require lawyer intervention.
We also provide training and support, so developers can use CBP Exchange to its full potential.

Watch our videos on how to sign an electronic contract in NSW, Victoria and Queensland or read our Frequently Asked Questions.