Revolutionising the way real estate is bought and sold

Our electronic conveyancing platform, CBP Exchange, allows property developers to manage the creation, signing and administration of their sale contracts online. The process takes just minutes and doesn’t require lawyer intervention. 

CBP Exchange uses DocuSign technology, meaning the contract can be signed electronically by any party anywhere in the world on any internet-connected device. The contract is secure and cannot be changed without detection.

Moreover, CBP Exchange eliminates the need to print, sign and return any contracts manually. This delivers better quality control, tighter security, faster turnaround time and less cost to our clients.

When we launched CBP Exchange in 2016, we became the first legal practice in Australia to develop an online property contract exchange platform. Electronic conveyancing is now mandatory in New South Wales and in Victoria, and it is expected that other states will soon follow. 

Why Use CBP Exchange?


It's faster than paper conveyancing. Create a contract in minutes, anywhere in the world on any internet-connected device.


It's more secure than paper contracts - no changes can be made without detection.


It's easy to use. Contracts can be created, issued and signed electronically, without lawyer intervention.

Cost Savings

It reduces legal and administrative expenses, and eliminates post and courier costs.

Our record

0+Contracts exchanged through
CBP Exchange.

0New dwellings our property team are currently acting on in NSW alone.

0BDollars worth of property exchanges advised on in 2016 and 2017.

0Major Australian property developments exchanged through CBP exchange.

0%Approximate costs savings.

0sOf pieces of paper saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a contract?

Colin Biggers & Paisley will create the master contract for the development. Once the master contract is complete, developers, their agents or their real estate agents can create contracts for individual property purchases.

Can contracts be created in different languages?

Colin Biggers & Paisley can translate the master contract and individual contracts into different languages, if required.

How secure is the system?

CBP Exchange is more secure than paper contracts. It uses DocuSign’s digital transaction management technology. This enables the contract to be signed electronically, while ensuring that the contract is secure and cannot be changed without detection. They are compliant, and the contract will be binding.

Are my details safe and where are they stored?

Purchaser information is stored in our internal database secured within our on-site data centre or cloud. Our IT systems are electronically protected by firewalls and antivirus systems. Systems, server and desktop operating systems are kept up to date to minimise our targeted attack surface. Access to the servers is physically secured.

Are there any cost benefits?

Electronic contracts save you money - they save about 70% of the costs incurred by paper contracts. They reduce legal fees by not needing as much input from lawyers and eliminate administration, printing and courier expenses.

How can I check the status of an apartment for sale?

You can run a report at any time to check the status of the apartments for sale. You can see: - if a contract has been issued - if purchaser execution is required - if vendor execution is required - if a contract has been signed by both parties - which properties are sold unconditionally - an overall history of the activities of the contract

Can I issue contracts for more than one development at a time?

Yes, a developer can put any number of projects into CBP Exchange.

What if I need help?

We have a comprehensive training program, and legal and technical support is always available.

What if a purchaser needs help?

Signing an electronic contract is very easy, however we have video demonstrations to show purchasers how they work.

Like to Know More

If you would like to find out more about how easy it is to use our online property contract platform, please get in touch with us. Our team is available to demonstrate the operation of CBP Exchange, at a time and place suitable for you.

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