In brief - Significant step in Queensland government's 10 Point Action Plan

The appointment of Steve Griffin as Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission is an important step towards the implementation of the state government's 10 Point Action Plan for reform of the building industry.

Queensland Building Services Authority becomes Queensland Building and Construction Commission

In December 2013, the Queensland building industry regulator, the Queensland Building Services Authority, changed its name to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Other than the change of title, the appointment of a controlling board and some minor legislative changes, the government regulatory body for the building industry in Queensland remained largely unchanged. (Please see our earlier article Queensland government rolls out first stage in building industry reforms.)

10 Point Action Plan for building industry in Queensland

However, on 30 January 2014, Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander appointed Steve Griffin as the QBCC Commissioner to oversee the Queensland government’s "10 Point Action Plan" for the building industry in Queensland.

The following is a summary of the Queensland government’s 10 Point Action Plan:

1. Replace the Queensland Building Services Authority with the QBCC

2. Establish a professional governing board, an appropriate Commission structure and associated committees and business units

3. Establish a mechanism for internal review of decisions

4. Improve the current suite of domestic building contracts

5. Review licensing and compliance

6. Develop improved education and training resources for building professionals and homeowners

7. Consider a rapid dispute resolution model for domestic building work

8. Retain and improve the Home Warranty Scheme

9. Review the role of private certifiers

10. Expand the licensing role of the QBCC

Responsibilities of QBCC Commissioner

The Commissioner is responsible for the overall management of the QBCC, including licensing, inspections, rectification of building works, disciplinary proceedings, the statutory insurance scheme, consumer education and courses of instruction for building professionals. The Commissioner must report regularly to the Queensland Building and Construction Board.

Commissioner's prior regulatory experience within building industry

Before accepting the position of Commissioner of the QBCC, Mr Griffin held a number of regulatory positions largely focused on the building industry, including:

• Deputy CEO of Service NSW

• Deputy Commissioner of Fair Trading NSW

• Chair of Building Licensing Australasia

• Member of the Disciplinary Committee for the Building Professionals Board in NSW

• Detective for the NSW Police Force

Mr Griffin’s appointment marks a significant step in the Queensland government's 10 Point Action Plan as the government attempts to create a proper Commission structure.

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