We aren't necessarily looking for people with the highest university marks - we're looking for people that will add to our culture, aspire to make a difference and be challenged in the work they do.

Your application is your opportunity to get noticed and demonstrate the qualities we are looking for. Below are a few tips you may find useful when applying to our graduate program.
  • Use your CV and cover letter as a way to tell your story. Think about where you've come from (education and experience) and where you want to go (aspirations and goals). Focus on your achievements and make sure to demonstrate your skills by giving examples.
  • We want to see your strengths, but ask you to keep it brief. Your cover letter shouldn't be more than a few paragraphs and your CV shouldn't be more than three pages.
  • Review every detail before submitting your application. We are sticklers for quality and your CV and cover letter are a reflection of your own attention to detail.
  • Submit your application on time.
Your interview is a chance for us to get to know each other, so put your best foot forward, turn up on time and be prepared. Below are a few tips you may find useful when interviewing with us.
  • Do your research by spending some time on our website and gaining a thorough understanding of who we are. Keep an eye out for recent news, events and articles to use as discussion points.
  • The interview is intended to be a two-way process, so think of some questions you would like us to answer for you. As much as we want to get to know you, this is also your chance to find out if Colin Biggers & Paisley is the right fit for you.
  • The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be. Come to the interview with your CV in hand and ready to discuss your experience. Focus on a few significant achievements, and be sure to come prepared with answers to questions, like why you want to work here.
  • We try to make interviews relaxed yet professional. It's ok to take notes, ask questions and take time to process your thoughts before you respond.
  • Remember that we are on your side and want to see you succeed. Good luck!