I am a partner in the insurance team at Colin Biggers & Paisley. I have been working flexibly since returning from maternity leave for my first child, 10 years ago. I returned to work full time, working from home one day a week, which enabled me to balance my practice with the needs of my then six-month-old child.

Since then, I have had two more children and my flexible working arrangements, which comprise a mix of part time and working from home, have varied to suit the needs of my family with those of the practice. The ability to work flexibly means that I have been able to return to work after each child earlier than I otherwise might have if flexible working was not an option. The introduction of the Surface Pro to my practice has meant that it is easier for me to work remotely.

I run a busy litigation practice and court demands mean that I need to be flexible in relation to my work arrangements. There are times when I need to work on what would otherwise be my day off. I often take these extra days as days in lieu, which is a great help at school holiday time. I am also fortunate to have family support, as well as two babysitters who I can call upon at relatively short notice. I currently work a 9-day fortnight, which can vary between 8-10 days depending on work and personal commitments.