There has been an unprecedented number of class action claims in Australia across a number of industries and services, fueled by litigation funders and entrepreneurial plaintiff law firms.
Our class actions team has a long history working with and for insurers on some of Australia's largest commercial and class action litigation. Traditionally, we have a very strong insurance practice, and can therefore provide insurers with a unique panel option for their insureds' class action defence work, cementing our team as a key "go to" team for insurance-backed class action litigation.
As a practice, we have acted in various capacities in leading class-action disputes in Australia. We have particular expertise working with companies in distress or liquidation, which rely heavily on the participation of insurers to co-ordinate a defence and resolution.
Our class actions group has acted in group proceedings, multi-plaintiff claims and representative actions for numerous years, including in the first major class action in Australia.
Our significant class action experience, as defence, coverage and monitoring counsel, provides a unique skillset in both understanding and managing insurers' expectations, conducting class actions in a cost-effective and timely manner, and ensuring that the defendant corporation is positioned to make early assessments on the prospects of success and any appropriate settlement offers to be made.