Our Cyber team has helped hundreds of companies and individuals deal with and recover from a cyber attack. 

Responding to an incident

Through our cyber incident response line 1300 4 BREACH (1300 427 3224) we provide our clients with pragmatic breach counselling during actual or suspected cyber events. Having dealt with 100s of these events, we understand how they typically unfold and how critical it is to provide a responsive and decisive approach that delivers our clients with clarity at each stage of the incident. 

Our incident response team, led by Head of Cyber, Katherine Jones, will assist with: 

  • Triaging the cyber attack
  • Appointing and liaising with forensic IT consultants
  • Addressing reporting requirements to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), as well as under the Security of Critical Information Act and the requirements of an Australia Financial Services License (ASFL)
  • Liaising with public relations consultants and law enforcement, where necessary
  • Reviewing cyber insurance and other policies for coverage 
  • Keeping insureds, brokers and underwriters informed 
  • Working with forensic IT consultants to identify the source of the breach and ensure it is quarantined and remediated 
  • Considering potential third party claims 
  • Notifications to individuals and companies impacted by data breaches 
  • Obtaining court injunctions restricting the release of confidential information. 

We have a mature online cyber claims notification model backed by strong expert panels, and act for many underwriters as notification agents. In complex coverage matters our incident response team is supported by Keith Bethlehem who has been at the forefront of the development of the cyber policy wording for a number of products.