Commercial litigation is often a reality of high-functioning business. To remain high-functioning, organisations need a quick, managed resolution to avoid disruption and maintain focus on their key goals and strategies.
We believe litigation should be a last resort. That is why our commercial litigation team regularly leverages low impact, low risk methods, such as mediation, adjudication, arbitration, expert determination and appraisals to resolve disputes before they evolve into costly litigation.

Where commercial litigation is unavoidable, we tailor our team with experts who know the legal and regulatory environment of the relevant industry. That means less time is spent getting familiar with routine aspects of matters and more time is spent getting to the core issues with every dispute. 

Our work

Our commercial litigation team's expertise includes:

Our clients come from government and from industries such as engineering, manufacturing, financial services, health services, educational institutions and IT.

Alternative dispute resolution

We recognise that disputes are a part of business and must be identified quickly, managed professionally and resolved effectively. We offer realistic advice to clients based on honesty, integrity and understanding.
Our team is experienced in all forms of dispute resolution and recognises that litigation will be a last resort in managing any commercial relationship.
Our alternative dispute resolution team advises on:

  • mediation, adjudication and arbitration

  • expert determination and appraisal

  • all other forms of alternative dispute resolution