For more than 20 years, our Institutional Risk and Liability team has worked extensively with a variety of institutions - faith based enterprises, foster care agencies, health and aged care providers, not-for-profits and educational institutions, and their insurers - to navigate risk management and compliance, conduct investigations, prepare for public inquiries and resolve historical abuse claims. We take a pragmatic approach to risk management and compliance, helping our clients put in place policies, procedures and systems that focus on proactively minimising risk. We have an understanding of several compliance regimes, in particular those relating to child safety. 

When our clients are presented with a claim, our focus is on managing these matters with dignity and compassion, while ensuring thorough investigation to gather evidence in order to properly assess the risk. We take into account all the relevant parties involved in these matters, including the survivor(s), their relatives, and the current and former staff and representatives of the institution. We take all possible steps to avoid re-traumatising survivors, such as by using joint experts where feasible, and we work towards resolving matters as early as possible to minimise trauma to survivors and costs associated with protracted litigation. 

With teams based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we are familiar with the relevant legislation and case law as it applies across jurisdictions nationally, and the relevant regulatory framework. We keep abreast of the fast-developing changes to legislation, both civil and criminal, consequent upon the Royal Commission's recommendations.

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